We accept Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Rich Text Format, LaTeX, and text files!

Document and file formats

Microsoft Word and Apache OpenOffice are used the most during corrections in order to avoid changes in the layout of your document. We also correct documents in other formats after prior consultation.

The correction is carried out in the change mode ('track changes') wherever possible, so that our changes remain transparent and reviewable. Inconsistencies or peculiarities that strike us during the correction are highlighted via a detailed note or comment along the margin.
Track changesNotes and comments
*.doc(x)Microsoft Word

We edit *.docx and *.doc documents in Microsoft Word using the "track changes." and comment functions.

Information about the 'track changes' function
*.odtOpenOffice / LibreOffice

We edit *.odt documents in the change mode of OpenOffice. The changes and comments are visible in both, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word.
*.rtfRich Text Format

We edit *.rtf documents in the change mode of OpenOffice to ensure that the original formatting of the document remains undisturbed.
*.pagesApple Pages

We edit *.pages documents in Apple Pages with activated change log to ensure that the original formatting of the document remains undisturbed.
*.txtText file

We edit *.txt documents in Microsoft Word and save them in the .docx format. You can view our changes by opening the file in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. The document can later be re-exported as a text file.

We edit your LaTeX documents, using Microsoft Word, at our regular prices. Once we’re finished editing, we will copy the edited text back into the *.tex-file.

You will, then, receive two files
  1. A fully edited *.tex-file,
  2. The corresponding Microsoft Word file where the actual editing has been done, so that you can track the corrections and suggestions

Alternatively, we edit *.tex files directly in the source document, using the freely available LaTeX "Track Changes" package, so that the changes and comments are highlighted. As this is quite extensive work, this option will require a 25% surcharge.

Information about the correction of LaTeX documents using 'TrackChanges'
*.pdfAdobe PDF

*.pdf documents can only be corrected by hand for technical reasons at the moment. If your document is in PDF format, let us know. We would be happy to make you an individual offer at short notice!

You can also send us your document in any of the formats listed here packed as an archive.

Other formats

We are also working towards correcting documents in other formats, but cannot make any promises beforehand. If your document is in a different format, contact us and we will check the possibilities for correcting your application.