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Our prices

A good application with an error-free cover letter and CV is invaluable — especially at our prices!

We charge you a fixed price of not more than 19 EUR for an English cover letter and 19 EUR for your English CV. Send in both documents to avail even cheaper rates. Moreover, we do not close for weekends or holidays and are available around the clock, 365 days a year to correct your English application.

See the following table for a quick overview of our charges.

48 hours
24 hours
6 hours

Cover letter
Curriculum vitae
Cover letter and Curriculum vitae
Spelling, grammar, punctuation
Consistent choice of words and phrasing
Suggestions to improve comprehension of text
Corrections in change mode for easy tracking
19 EUR
19 EUR
29 EUR

24 EUR
24 EUR
39 EUR

29 EUR
29 EUR
49 EUR


You can pay online via PayPal, direct debit, bank transfer or credit card.