Quick and easy

How it works

'Simple, cheap, good': This is our motto at CVcorrect. Upload your application, add your personal details and other information, and make the payment. The clock starts ticking immediately and we begin the correction process. We carry out all corrections in the change mode so that you can see the changes we make. If we improve sentences or make suggestions for better readability, we provide comments so that you can easily understand all the changes.

Short and sweet

Upload application

Upload your cover letter and your CV as either one document or multiple files. Then, fill in the form, confirm our terms and conditions, make the payment, and we will begin the correction process immediately. (Take a look at the file formats that we accept.) (Files)

Make payment

You can pay online via PayPal, direct debit or credit card. Our payment systems are encrypted and secure.

The clock is ticking!

We begin with the correction as soon as you upload your order. Once the first corrector has completed editing your document, a second corrector examines your application once again. The goal is to pinpoint even the smallest error.

We ensure that our corrections remain transparent and understandable by using the change mode. (Details)


We will inform you via email once we have finished correcting your document. You can then download your fully corrected application from our login section.