Track changes in LaTeX documents

LaTeX and 'TrackChanges'

We edit LaTeX files directly in the source code using the freely available 'TrackChanges' package to track the changes made. As our corrections and comments are highlighted in colour in the LaTeX files, the changes are easily comprehensible for you.

'TrackChanges' is a package for the joint editing of LaTeX files. Changes made by different authors are highlighted in different colours and comments are added on the margin of the compiled LaTeX document. The package consists of the LaTeX style definition and an optional script for automatically accepting or declining changes afterwards.

How it works

We add the style definition 'trackchanges.sty' in the LaTeX folder and the following command at the beginning of your LaTeX file:

\usepackage[margins, adjustmargins]{../trackchanges}

Changes and comments are identified in the source code by the following 'new' commands, which are added by the style definition:


\add[CVcorrect]{added text}
\remove[CVcorrect]{deleted text}
\change[CVcorrect]{deleted text}{added text}

That's it! You can now trace all our changes, which will be highlighted in colour in the compiled LaTeX document.

Accept changes

You can now accept the changes in a step-by-step manner in the source code or remove our comments.

Alternatively, all changes can be either accepted (finalnew) or hidden (finalold) in the final document using two parameters, without having to remove them from the source code.


In addition, a script of the style definition available on the author's side automatically applies to all changes in the source code.

Further information and complete documentation: