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Get your CV up to date within 4 minutes

Jozoo lets you update your CV straight from your career network profile

Finding yourself suddenly in need of a job can be stressful enough. Not knowing where to start with organizing your next steps in your career can make the tasks at hand even more daunting. Luckily enough, nowadays a lot of online tools and sites can make some of these points considerably easier.

Get your CV up to date within 4 minutes

A nifty tool we want to introduce to you at this stage is the CV builder from (also available on their newly launched German job portal if you happen to speak German or are currently looking for a job in a German speaking country). If you are currently looking for a new job or just wish to update your CV, then give this tool a try!
You can edit your CV in your browser straight away, change as many sections as needed or append as much information as you wish. If you have been using networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn extensively in the past, then jozoo will make updating your CV even easier; with a couple of clicks you can let the builder import all important facts and dates from your profiles on those sites, turning the usually gruesome task of updating one’s curriculum into a matter of minutes instead.

The format and layout of the fully edited CV will withstand any professional scrutiny and can be downloaded and printed for free immediately. Alternatively, jozoo lets you upload your new CV to your site profile for publishing, letting any potential employer whose search contained keywords you used in your CV directly see your profile even before they advertise their new position!


A strong subject line for your cover letter

Tips for choosing an effective subject line.

Learn to choose an effective subject line.

A first impression is often a lasting impression. But how do you make a strong impression on your first attempt? Well, when applying for a job, a simple way is to use a great subject line in your cover letter. This not only adds weight to the letter but also increases your chance of being noticed and shortlisted. The tips below explain how a good subject line can make your job application more effective.

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Make sure to customize your application

Give your application an edge

With a great application, finding a great job is easy.

Did you know that every job posting receives an average of 250 responses every day? Yes, that is the number of applications every employer receives for a single vacancy. So how do you make your CV and cover letter stand out from the crowd?

Help your job application stand out

To start off, you must customize your application. The ‘one CV fits all’ approach does not work. In other words, change parts of your CV and cover letter before sending it out to a specific employer.

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Writing a great email subject line

Focus on writing a catchy subject line.

Focus on writing a catchy subject line.

In our previous posts we helped you understand why it is important to have error-free application documents. But it is just as important to write an attractive subject line in your email application. This is because a subject line acts as a caption and clearly informs the employer about the purpose of the email.

It is common knowledge that employers do not spend more than a few seconds on one application. So, your email needs to be special enough to make a mark in those few seconds. If you are wondering how you can make an impact in the subject line, here are some suggestions.

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Managing the English Interview as a Non-Native Speaker

How to prepare for an interview in English for non-native speakers.

Interviewing in English for non-native speakers is all a case of preparation, preparation, preparation.

Interviews are a stressful experience, which make even the most certain and confident weak in the knees. Add into the equation you have to do the interview in English, as a non-native speaker, and it makes the already nerve-wracking interview an even bigger hill to climb. Whilst you can never prepare for everything when it comes to interviews, nor have the perfect interview, the key to mastering interviews in English is preparation, preparation, preparation.

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