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Make sure to customize your application

Give your application an edge

With a great application, finding a great job is easy.

Did you know that every job posting receives an average of 250 responses every day? Yes, that is the number of applications every employer receives for a single vacancy. So how do you make your CV and cover letter stand out from the crowd?

Help your job application stand out

To start off, you must customize your application. The ‘one CV fits all’ approach does not work. In other words, change parts of your CV and cover letter before sending it out to a specific employer.

This is essential to avoid getting lost in the crowd, especially since hiring managers do not spend more than a few seconds on each candidate. Customizing your application immediately gives your CV an edge.

Tailor your application to the job

According to some counts, the average employer spends an average of seven seconds on each CV. Your CV and cover letter have to catch the employer’s eye within those seven seconds. An application that is too generalized will definitely get rejected.

Avoid this by tailoring your application to the job and the company, and highlighting the salient points. Ensure that the hiring manager quickly finds exactly what you want to show him.

Customizing your application

In order to build a perfectly customized application, you must:

  1. Read the job post closely: Look at the specific job title and tailor your application accordingly. For example, if the requirement is for a ‘Chemistry Lab Assistant’ and your CV merely says ‘Lab Assistant’, adding the word ‘Chemistry’ could make all the difference.
  2. Use specific terms: If the job post asks for specific skills, such as ‘knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point’, change how you word your CV as well. Do not just write ‘knowledge of MS Office’.
  3. Send the perfect cover letter: The cover letter plays an important role in customizing your application. List all the keywords in your cover letter and specify your exact qualifications. For example, you could include, ‘chemistry major with two years experience in lab work’. While the employer skims through the letter, he might notice these words and take a closer look at your qualifications.

There is a lot of competition today, which is why you have to start with a great application. So customize your CV and take a step closer to your dream job.

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