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Writing a great email subject line

Focus on writing a catchy subject line.

Focus on writing a catchy subject line.

In our previous posts we helped you understand why it is important to have error-free application documents. But it is just as important to write an attractive subject line in your email application. This is because a subject line acts as a caption and clearly informs the employer about the purpose of the email.

It is common knowledge that employers do not spend more than a few seconds on one application. So, your email needs to be special enough to make a mark in those few seconds. If you are wondering how you can make an impact in the subject line, here are some suggestions.


‘Short and sweet’ is the way to go when you write a subject line. Remember that the line will act as a caption, so it must be crisp, simple, and to the point. At the same time, it should be attractive enough to make your CV come alive.


Another great tip to make your subject line special is adding your name to it. Since a large number of candidates apply for that one coveted job, you have to stand out. Rather than write something generalized, like ‘CV: Software Programmer’, give your application an edge by writing ‘Kevin Thomas Resume: Software Programmer’.

Detail rich

While adding your name in the subject line is a great tip for a general job application, you can also feed in more details if you are applying for a specific type of job. In such a case, your subject line can read, ‘Kevin Thomas Resume: Software Programmer BTech/MBA/6 years’ experience’. This will instantly draw the attention of the employer.

The aim of a good email subject line is to make your application more noticeable and distinguishable. In today’s competitive world, even a small variation makes a huge difference. So give your application a face by using a strong subject line and see the difference it makes to your job prospects.

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