How we correct your cover letter and CV.

Our correction

We correct spelling, grammar and punctuation to create an error-free application. We also ensure a consistent choice of words and phrasing. Furthermore, we make suggestions that improve the readability and comprehensibility of your application.

Correction sample

We set high quality standards for each correction. This means that your application is first examined for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Most other conventional correction services end here. We go further and test your application for consistency in the choice of words and phrasing. If there are any unclear formulations, we make suggestions for improvement.

We carry out all corrections in the change mode to enable you to keep track of all corrections and changes.

Correction sample: Application

Suggestions to improve comprehension of text

Each person has his/her own writing style. Yet, the objective view of a third party is often helpful. We ensure that your sentences are easy to understand even for an outsider and make suggestions for improvement, wherever appropriate.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation

Linguistic correctness is absolutely essential. Even the smallest errors can lead to the rejection of an application. We will ensure that this is not the case with you.

Correction sample: Curriculum vitae

Consistent choice of words

When applying for a job, using a consistent choice of words shows your professionalism. We help you avoid switching unintentionally between different styles.

Correction in change mode

We always carry out our corrections in the change mode ('track changes'). This ensures that all corrections and changes are transparent and traceable.


There are often several alternatives to a given formulation in English. We find the best option for you.

Give errors no opportunity and improve your chances for submitting a successful application.