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Customer reviews

Our customers are convinced by the quality of our corrections and they demonstrate their satisfaction. On average, they rate our quality with 8,4 out of 9 points.

Below are 10 recent ratings from our customers:

(The identities of our evaluating customers are displayed as partially anonymous as per their request.)

20/08/20, 9 of 9 points

from Seoul:
Thank you for your fast and nice work

14/03/20, 9 of 9 points

from München:
SUPER! thanks a lot

11/03/20, 9 of 9 points

Very thorough and complete correction. I accepted nearly all changes and when not, choices were easy to make. Thank you very much!

19/02/20, 9 of 9 points

I got very good feedbacks and corrections.

23/09/19, 9 of 9 points

Impressed by the service (quality, fast delivery).

09/07/19, 8 of 9 points

Fast turn-around of high-quality correction.

10/01/19, 9 of 9 points

from Frankfurt:
I was surprised that you worked so fast. I ordered the 6 hours course and received the corrected documents within 3 hours. Very good job.

25/08/17, 9 of 9 points

from PARIS:
Excellent work! I thought that I might only receive a correction of typos and such, but the corrector also checked the flow of my cover letter and helped me adjust my sentences and word choosing to get the best result. Thank you!

23/05/17, 7 of 9 points

from Granada:
The corrections are very good and are going to greatly raise the quality of my cover letter.

30/07/16, 8 of 9 points

from Aachen:
very careful corrections and great improvement of my cover letter. thank you!