The English application: Curriculum vitae

The academic CV, part 2

Professional experience

Make sure to mention if you already possess professional experience outside the academic area that is related to the job. The statement is equivalent to the one in the non-academic CV.

Short and sweet

  • Duration with month and year
  • Name of the company as well as location and country
  • Job description or area of responsibility
  • Main relevant activities and tasks

Administrative experience

Academic positions at universities and research institutions are often associated with an expanded scope of responsibilities in the area of administration. Any experience and knowledge that you can show in this area should be listed separately. If you have already been a member of various committees at the university as a student, this is your opportunity to present yourself. Courses that you have organized and attended are as much a part of this as your membership in the General Student Committee or other university policy institutions. The structure here is identical to that of the other categories. The duration, the name of the institution, and the tasks that you have undertaken must be mentioned.

Short and sweet

  • Details on the duration of the job
  • Name of the organization, as well as city and country
  • Mention the position - e.g. member
  • Most important activities and tasks

Special knowledge and skills

- See section on ‘Special knowledge and skills’ -

Publications and awards

Publications and awards are a key element in every academic CV. Any type of publication is indispensable when applying for an academic job or for a vacancy in research. You must include all the major publications of your career here, even if the resulting section is a few pages long.

If the list is too long, an allocation into the following divisions is recommended:

books, peer-reviewed journal articles, contribution to edited volumes equivalent to peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, posters, other publications

If these pertain to academic work, mention the following as well:

Year of publication, authors, title, place of publication

If your research paper appeared in a journal, then the respective pages and the number of editions published should also be listed. Mention also, if you have contributed to a book. If your publication is available as open access on the Internet, the website or the link to your publication can be placed after the other information.

Short and sweet

  • Year of publication
  • Title
  • Type of publication (journal, book, conference, poster)
  • Authors
  • Publisher
  • Source

In the US and the UK, the name of the university or college is a key criterion. If your university is not well known abroad or has a bad reputation, mention but do not highlight its name. Instead, for example, you could emphasise the name of a professor who is an expert in this field and enjoys international recognition. If you wrote your dissertation under the guidance of this professor or worked with him as a research assistant for a certain project, then highlight this cooperation.

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