The English application: Curriculum vitae

The academic CV

The structure of an academic CV is partially different from that of a ‘traditional’ CV. An academic CV in the US, for instance, does not require your picture or a heading. Your education follows the personal details section, with the entries appearing in reverse chronological order as described in the section on ‘Education/Academic background’. The ‘Professional experience’ category is also present, but avoid the temptation to list everything that you have accomplished so far in the field of research and science. The academic CV makes strong distinctions between your varied experiences in projects, teaching, science and research. These distinctions are explained below.

Teaching and research interests

List your interests in this section. If you are applying at a university, for example, teaching may play a big role; the job description should offer details on the requirements. Include also your interest in the wider academic discipline as well as your focus and research priorities in your area of study. Even if your interests are diverse, limit your statement to two or three key points that fit the vacancy.

Short and sweet

  • Personal interests in teaching and research
  • A maximum of two to three interests

Teaching experience

If you are already an experienced teacher, mention this in the CV provided that the vacancy involves a teaching role or you anticipate that teaching could be one of your new responsibilities. The most important information is the duration and exact description of the job as well as the facility or faculty. Furthermore, state the exact name of the courses and the course content that you have taught or prepared as an assistant.

Short and sweet

  • Duration, including month and year
  • Name of employer, city and country
  • Job description
  • Course title and course content

Research experience

This section may occasionally become very lengthy because it lists each project in which you were involved. It is important is to mention the period of each project, including the relevant months and years. Describe your role in the project and mention any university, institute or college where you obtained or enhanced your experience.

All things related to research must be listed here, including research collaborations with the industry or the government as well as scholarships.

If you were involved in a project, provide the full name of the project and, if available, the address of the corresponding website. List the activities that you were responsible for using ‘action words’ to highlight your achievements.

While mentioning the respective project, emphasize whether you successfully obtained funding for it, or received funding for your research in general.

Short and sweet

  • Duration, including month and year
  • Name of institution, city and country
  • Project name
  • Job title
  • Meaningful description of tasks and activities

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