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One CV fits all: Certainly not!

No one CV fits all.

Customize your CV, for no one CV fits all.

Would the same clothes fit both you and your eight-year-old niece? Definitely not. Then why should the same idea apply to your curriculum vitae? Just as there are different sizes and codes for dresses, there are different kinds of CVs. That one CV fits all is a myth.

CVs should be tailored according to the job requirement. You may have written a beautiful three-page summary of all your experiences and accomplishments. Just remember, when you apply for a job, the document will be pitted against the CVs of many other hopeful candidates.

One CV fits all: Steer clear of this myth

Here are some useful tips on how your CV can grab the employer’s attention and get you your dream job.

  • Omit irrelevant information: You may have interned for various companies before kick-starting your career. If you have over two years of experience, remove details of the not-so-important internships. In these changing times, the skills you had 10 years ago might have lost their relevance. Do not believe for a second that one CV fits all. It should be structured precisely, keeping in mind the role for which you are applying.
  • Update your CV regularly: A reputed MNC wants an experienced sales professional. You jump at the opportunity and send in your CV. Later, you realize that your CV was eight months old. Moreover, it contained no records of your appraisals and accomplishments in the present company. Little wonder that you do not get a call. Update your CV immediately after receiving a spot award or a promotion to avoid missing your due credit later.
  • Do not forget keywords: Keywords are particular phrases that help the HR to find the relevant CVs uploaded on different job portals. For example, if you are looking for an editorial role, using keywords like ‘knowledge of grammar’ and ‘proofreading skills’ makes your CV easy to find on the company’s applicant-tracking system. This will not be the case if you upload a conventional CV with no appropriate buzzwords.
  • Alter your interests section: You like playing the guitar and reading novels. But are you applying for a job that requires a competitive team player? Then it would make more sense to highlight football as your main interest because it is a challenging sport. This is a subtle way of gaining an upper hand over your rival aspirants.

Do not get swayed by the idea that one CV fits all. You can keep a generic CV on your computer and keep adding your accomplishments in it. But when applying for a job, go back to that CV and work on it. Highlight only those experiences and skills that relate to the job advertisement. Recruiters mostly skim through CVs. So, make your CV short, simple, and relevant to catch their attention immediately.

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