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Naming employers on a CV: What to use and what to lose

Provide all the necessary information when naming employers.

Provide all the necessary information when naming employers.

Naming employers correctly is crucial when sending out applications. Knowing the organizations you have worked for allows potential employers to gauge your suitability for a position.

Your CV needs to provide certain details about your current and prior employers. But there are do-s and don’t-s in this regard. Let us look at some of these.

Naming employers: What to use

  1. The name of the employer: Mention the exact name of the employer and check that the spelling is correct. Does the company use hyphens or other punctuation in the spelling?For example, ‘The Coca-Cola Company’ uses a hyphen between ‘Coca’ and ‘Cola’. Hence, writing ‘The Coca Cola Company’ would not be correct.Take the instance of ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers’ as well. The company writes the name as one word without any space. In addition, ‘Coopers’ takes a capital ‘C’. Using any other style would be a mistake.

    Make errors in the spelling and recruiters might spot it. They could assume that you pay no attention to detail.

  2. The location: When naming an employer, mention the city/town and the country.Globalization has resulted in people applying for jobs around the world. Naming the location of your employer allows recruiters to gauge whether you could adapt to a certain team.It is good practice to list the country because recruiters around the world may not know where smaller cities or towns are located.

Naming employers: What to lose

  1. The employer’s contact details: Too much information is another problem area. Your CV should not contain the company’s postal address, phone number, or website. These details are already in the public domain in any case.
  2. Descriptions of the employers: In general, you should not include descriptions for the employers mentioned in your CV. The focus should be on your abilities and qualifications, and not on the company’s background.Provide a description only if the organization is tiny or relatively unknown—for example, if it is a start-up. A short description would give the recruiter a better idea of the work done here. But limit this description to a single line if you can.

Summing up

The goal of your CV is to highlight your abilities and qualifications. So make sure to include only those details that contribute to this goal. Don’t forget the necessary details and try not to include too much.

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