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Listing internships on your CV

Your past internships may hold the key to a great job.

Your past internships may hold the key to a great job.

Now that you are a graduate with three summer internships under your belt, you are ready to take the professional world by storm. But how do you show this on your CV?

Certainly, having interned at one or more organizations gives you an edge over less-experienced candidates. But the growing competition for jobs has resulted in far more candidates with internship experience than ever before. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

It all depends on presentation!

Why your internships matter

First up, ask yourself why the internships are important in your case. You are probably either a fresher or someone who has only recently joined the job market. In other words, regardless of your intelligence, commitment, and overall aptitude for the job, you have hardly any work experience.

So, your internship experience becomes important for a recruiter in a number of ways.

  • It shows that you can function in a professional setting.
  • Your past internships can indicate whether you have relevant experience for the job.
  • If you have worked in a single organization for several months, it shows commitment and reliability.
  • If you have taken on a range of responsibilities within your chosen field, it shows versatility.

Based on the details you provide, the recruiter can take a call on your suitability for a given position. That is why, how you present the details makes a big difference.

Listing internships on your CV

This is not too different from listing other work experience. You need to provide the following details:

  • Name of employer, city, and country
  • Designation and department
  • Duration of internship
  • Job description

For example:

Internship Business Inc., Berlin, Germany
1 June­–31 August 2015

Student Intern, Ecommerce Department
– Assisted the Senior Manager in various tasks, including event planning and budget management
– Coordinated sourcing of products from manufacturers and suppliers

If your work experience is limited, make sure to highlight the skills you have gained or honed during your internships.

But include only those internships that are relevant to the job you are seeking. There is no need to highlight your stint as a part-time accountant if you are applying for a position teaching molecular biology.

To put it simply, tailor the information to the requirements of the job. The recruiter will appreciate your effort and understand exactly what you bring to the table.

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