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Is your CV up-to-date? Here is why it should be

Is your CV up-to-date?

Keep your CV up-to-date to stay ahead of the game.

Your CV might be gathering dust if you have been working at the same company for years. But you should always keep your CV up-to-date.

Most people forget all about their CV once they find their ‘dream job’. But what if your company wants to downsize? Wouldn’t you want to begin your job search with an updated CV as soon as possible? Here are a few reasons for keeping your CV updated.

Keep your CV up-to-date to apply for a freelance job

You have a steady job, but want to work on freelance projects to hone your expertise or earn some extra money. You could lose out on some great part-time work if your CV needs extra polish but you have no time to spend it. An updated file of your CV on your computer is your best bet in these situations.

An updated CV increases the possibility of a promotion

Your accomplishments are your road to a promotion in your company. Most companies like to promote internal personnel rather than hire a senior executive from outside the firm. In such cases, ensure that the Human Resources department is aware of your credentials. Even if they know about your achievements, those on the upper levels might want to see it on paper.  If you have your CV up-to-date, that is not a problem anymore.

When a great recruiter wants you, send your latest CV

You might not be looking for a job. But what if a top-notch company wants a professional just like you? When they ask for your CV, would you tell them to wait for two days so that you can customize your CV or send your application at the earliest? Of course not!

Keep an up-to-date CV handy to present yourself as an expert

If you are at a great place in your career, you might be invited to speak at seminars or to contribute to leading magazines and journals. The organizers always ask for a CV so that they can get your credentials correct. If you have an updated CV, you no longer have to sweat over remembering earlier achievements at work.

Besides, it is easy to forget your work achievements, especially if you are part of a growing company. This is why it is a good idea to devote some time to keeping your CV up-to-date.

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