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Get your CV up to date within 4 minutes

Jozoo lets you update your CV straight from your career network profile Finding yourself suddenly in need of a job can be stressful enough. Not knowing where to start with organizing your next steps in your career can make the […]


A strong subject line for your cover letter

A first impression is often a lasting impression. But how do you make a strong impression on your first attempt? Well, when applying for a job, a simple way is to use a great subject line in your cover letter. […]

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Make sure to customize your application

Did you know that every job posting receives an average of 250 responses every day? Yes, that is the number of applications every employer receives for a single vacancy. So how do you make your CV and cover letter stand […]

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Writing a great email subject line

In our previous posts we helped you understand why it is important to have error-free application documents. But it is just as important to write an attractive subject line in your email application. This is because a subject line acts […]

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Managing the English Interview as a Non-Native Speaker

Interviews are a stressful experience, which make even the most certain and confident weak in the knees. Add into the equation you have to do the interview in English, as a non-native speaker, and it makes the already nerve-wracking interview […]

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